Bathroom Remodeling Mount Dora Florida

Bathroom Remodeling Mount Dora Florida

If you’re looking for Bathroom Remodeling Mount Dora Florida contractors, turn to Home Repair Contractors, Inc. Our Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Contractor can help with all types of Bathroom Remodeling including adding a bathroom, remodeling your Master Bathroom, removing walls & more.

Dream Bathrooms

Whatever your budget, whatever your idea is, give us a call at Home Repair Contractors, Inc in Mount Dora Florida.  We can help you get the Bathroom Remodel that’s perfect for you and your home. From small updates to a complete renovation, our Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Mount Dora Florida Contractor can handle it all.

Trusted Remodeling

Our Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Mount Dora Company is local, licensed and insured. You can count on our team of professionals to do your Bathroom Remodel right the first time.


How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

The cost to remodel a bathroom depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your room, the items you’re updating, which products you select, and labor costs in your area. Home Repair Contractors also offers a free in-home consultation.

What Can I Update?

During a bathroom remodel, you have the opportunity to update your vanity, faucets, flooring, walls, tub, shower, lighting, storage, and paint. Our licensed and insured installation professionals are here to do the work for you and transform your space into a bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional for you and your home.

How Long Does it Take?

The full process of a bathroom remodel could take 6-8 weeks. First, you’ll meet With us to discuss the layout of your bathroom and the materials for the items you’re updating. The actual remodel can include possible removals and new installations. Timing also depends on how many aspects of the room are being updated.

Does Remodeling Provide a Good ROI?

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most popular upgrades you can make to your home. On average, a midrange bathroom remodel has around a 65% return on investment, while an upscale bathroom remodel has around a 60% ROI. With so many ways to update your bathroom, it’s easy to make a few simple changes that will completely transform your space and give you a great return on your investment.

What if I Need Help with Ideas?

Home Repair Contractors is ready to assist you with your bathroom remodel ideas & thoughts. We will provide inspiration and styles that are on trend to give you options and ideas that fit your needs and budget.

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